Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why we think the way we do.

Recently I read a magnificent book called You Can Heal Your Life. It explores how we interact with the universe via thought. When you think positive and put out positive energy, you get positive things back. When you think negative thoughts, you get bad things in your life. For those of you who don't know, this is called The Law of Attraction-the universes first and foremost law. A little bit like FMA's law of equivalent exchange for all of my fellow anime nerds out there. The author of the book, Louise Hays, puts heavy emphasis pn positive affirmations.

What I like about the book is that the author provides excerises to help you bring in forgiveness and positivity in your life instead of just a vague "thinking positive is good. Do it and your life will bed better. Good luck!" Sometimes when people speak about the Law of Attraction it sort of feels a bit like "heres a flashlight so you can finally see in the metaphorical dark!! Now we're going to spin you around three times and give a little push. Good luck with that! :D" Or like giving someone their first ever computer and telling them about all of the extraordinary life changing things that it is capable of but not expaling how to use this new tool .It's the same learning curve. Because people don't know how to apply the Law of Attraction, they get discouraged about "this positive thinking crap" and say that it doesn't work. You Can Heal Your Life however, does an excellent job of explaining things.

The author also spends a lot of time on the subject of forgiveness and how important it is. So let go of the grudge you have against the jerk who stole your lunch money in the third grade!
 For a lot of people, the hardest people to forgive are your parents. We have the longest history with them. We sometimes blame them for all that is wrong with us, because "they weren't ever there for me" or "they don't understand me" and so forth. But as Louise Hay explains, we are victims of victims. They can not do anything more than what THEY were taught growing up, and we all just do the best we can with what we have. And if you blame someone for what's happened in your life, you are essentially giving away your personal power.

My favorite exercise is the one on negative messages. The idea is that the way you talk to yourself and think about yourself is pretty much the same way that your parents spoke to you when you were a very small child. She asks you to make a list of all the negative messages you heard when you were a child. The things that your parents said were wrong with you. What did they say about money, your body, love and relationships, your creative talents, etc. Take about half an hour to write it all down. Now do it again  but this time write what you heard from your relatives, teachers, friends, authority figures, church, etc. Now you can look at these things objectively and say "Thats where that belief came from". But it isnt YOUR belief. So you can begin to remove it from your consciousness. You can even turn these things around into positive affirmations. For example, change "You're a fat fatty. Look at you there with your fatness." to "your body is perfect and you are lovable."
Its quite amazing how much comes up. Here's just a small part of my list:

  • We are poor
  • Men can't be trusted. They control and manipulate women. 
  • You can't get fat. Fat people are ugly.
  • You're too skinny.
  • You're lazy.
  • You arent trustworthy.
  • You can't go to a good college because we can't afford it.
  • You're disrespectful.
  • Sex is dirty, wrong and disrespectful.
  • The world is a scary, cruel, dangerous place full of violent murderers, rapists, and molesters. You should be afraid. 
  • The world is frustrating and hard to survive in. 
  • Young people are all good for nothing hooligans.
  • You're a scatterbrain.
  • You forget everything and aren't reliable.
  • Adults don't have fun.
That's just the beginning. But even though these were the messages I perceived, I'm sure the people who raised me were not at all aware of sending out these messages. 

So I changed the above to positive affirmations. 
  • I can be infinitely rich if I so choose, and my life is always full of abundance. 
  • I have a wonderful life partner, twin flame, and soul mate, who is perfect in every way and on every level.
  • My body is perfect and beautiful just the way it is.
  • I am an honest and hard worker.
  • I am trusted on the deepest and most profound level there is by all.
  • The world is a safe and friendly place, full of loving people.
  • Everything I need comes to me with ease. 
  • Sex is a holy and sacred union in which two souls touch with pure sublime love. 
  • All of life, from youth to adulthood to old age, is a fun adventure. 
  • You have an intelligent, excellent brain and memory that can be trusted and relied upon for anything.
The more you begin to truly believe these positive things, the more they manifest in your life.

Bottom line: I think everyone should read this book. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay.