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Good Vibrations :D

I really need to make this whole meditation thing a habit. In my search for finding spiritual awakening, the one safe, surefire method that I always came across was (drum roll pleas) MEDITATION.

It's something that sounds easy enough. You just clear your mind and sit there for a while right? Yet it's something that so many people have trouble with. They either can't shut up their minds or like me, make excuses about how they don't have the time and don't do it.

Perhaps it is because there is no one right way to meditate. Everybody's method is a little different. Some use mantra's like with the famous sound of "om". It is the sound of the universe, one with All. It is also the sound associated with the third eye chakra.

The body has within it chakras, which in Sanskrit means "wheel of light". No, I am not talking about Naruto. But many of the idea's in the manga/anime Naruto came from spiritual ideas.

Chakras are the major centers for energy in your body. Energy spirals from one to another and all throughout your body. It is usually said that there are seven major chakras: the Crown(7th), Third Eye(6th), Throat(5th), Heart(4th), Solar Plexus(3rd), Sacral(2nd), and Root (1rst)Chakras. Each charkra represents a certain color of light and sound frequency, a certain physical gland, and most importantly, a certain aspect of our health.

They have sanskrit names and and symbols, presented as flowering petals.

Lets start from #1.
Root Chakra:
Color- Red
Chant: LAM
Musical Note- Note: C

The root chakra is the center of physical energy and vitality, the energy to succeed in business or material possessions and is related to our survival instincts, and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane.

#2 The Sacral Charkra
Color- Orange
Musical Note-D
Element- Water

The second chakra, located in the abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs, is related to emotions and sexuality.This chakra brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to accept change.

#3 The Solar Plexus

Musical Note-E

The chakra of personal power, will, and autonomy, as well as our metabolism. When healthy, this chakra brings us bright, vibrant energy, effectiveness, and spontaneity. Located at your stomach, below your rib cage.

#4 The Heart Chakra

Musical Note-F

While the lower chakras of the root, sacral, and solar plexus are earthly and more associated with the physical and slower, denser frequencies, the higher chakras of the throat, third eye and crown are more mental and spiritual. These are higher frequency, faster vibration energies. And the heart chakra? It acts as a gateway, combining and balancing all energy: mind and body, male and female, etc. It allows us to love deeply and truly, be compassionate, love ourselves, and be at peace.

#5 The Throat Chakra

Color- Blue
Musical Note-G

This chakra is the energy of expression, communication creation, and manifestation. Very important for the Law of Attraction. :)

#6 The Third Eye/Brow Chakra

Color-Indigo/Royal Blue
Musical Note-A

The chakra that Indigo Children embody at their core. It is the center of psychic ability such as clairvoyance/clairvoyance. When it is balanced you will be highly intuitive, perceptive, and in-tune with the spiritual beings/guides around you. Located within your forehead.

#7 The Crown

Color- White or purple
Musical Note-B

This chakra connects us to the divine. When the crown chakra is balanced we are released from ego driven desires, we are able to trust in our highest guidance and know that we are guided in all that we do. Located at the top of your head.

The last time I meditated was during my Reiki 2 attunement. Reiki is an ancient method of healing for channeling Universal healing energy through the hands. Reiki Master teachers pass on the power of reiki through attunements. There are three levels- reiki 1, 2, and Master level. It was brought to world at large about 100 years ago by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui.

My reiki 2 teacher is a Shaman Elder, who attuned me through the shamanic realm. Although technically all attunements are given by Dr. Usui.

In preparation for the attunement, my teacher told me that I needed to find somewhere sacred, and do whatever I needed to in order to make the experience feel holy. Light some candles, burn some incense, say a prayer, etc. I love fire, so it's a shame I couldn't burn anything.

I'm such a pyro, but I live in a dorm with smoke detectors that freak out at even a whiff of popcorn, and then everyone has to evacuate the building no matter what they're doing. Yes, including if you're in the shower... -_-# Those damn alarms are SO loud. You might as well have a drill sergeant in front of you screaming GET OUT BITCH YOU'RE GONNA DIE OMG FASTER FASTER FASTER

But I digress.

I stated that to make anything truly sacred required the presence of a certain special person, not a place for me.

Here is my epic experience of epicness.

I placed all of my crystals around me. I LOVE crystals. Even more than I love chocolate or dinosaurs. Or even fire. And that's saying a lot. I feel a deep connection with them and use them for healing as often as possible. I asked my spirit guides if there was anything they needed to show or tell me, and they said that the only thing was to stay fully within and aware of my body.

As I sat there on my bed meditating, within a few minutes I could feel intense, powerful vibrations as I sat there in my room. This had only happened twice before. Once this past summer, but it was a state that took me three hours of meditation to reach. The second time was during a guided meditation led by my wonderful reiki 1 teacher involving the combining of earth and cosmic energy. But this time, it took way less time to reach this state, and it was more intense than ever. It started within my heart chakra as usual, and eventually spilled over into my solar plexus. It felt something akin to if someone had taken my heart out and replaced it with one of those little portable CVS back massagers. That's as far as it's ever gone. But THIS time, I felt the tingly vibrations in my arms and feet. It spread all the way up to my knees and elbows over time. None of this was visible mind you. This was all on a whole other non physical level.

Because I feel that this should be shared with the world, here is the aforementioned guided meditation given to us by my Reiki 1 teacher. Have someone read it to you, or record yourself saying it. I personally wouldn't be able to do the voice recording thing, because I'd be too busy going WHOA THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE ME O_O

Anywho, here it is. My gift to you :D


Meditation - Introduction to Grounding in your Physical Body

We’ve found that is preferable to do this meditation sitting on a chair or sofa with feet flat on the ground. This will help you feel your connection with the Earth.

· Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

· Begin to focus on your breathe. Notice how it flows into your lungs and out. Do not try to change your breathe, just notice it.

· Breathe in light and exhale all tension.

· Feel your body relax and sink into the chair or couch.

· If your mind begins to chatter, gently bring your attention to your breathe.

· Begin to visualize or imagine tiny roots coming out through the soles of your feet and the bottom of your spine. Feel them getting longer and longer, reaching down through the chair and the floor, all the way down into the earth. Continue to breathe in light, exhaling tension and feel the roots grab hold of the earth, firmly connecting you to the earth.

· On the next inhalation, imagine you can breathe through your roots. Draw the earth energy up through your roots into your body until it fills your heart. Let the earth energy then course throughout your entire body. Feel the earth energy as it roots you to this planet.

· Bring your attention from your roots to the top of your head, the crown chakra. Imagine a small hole on the top of your head and visualize this hole beginning to open. From this opening, tiny fibers are emerging, long filaments reaching up like branches through the ceiling, through the building, all the way up into the clouds and finally reaching out into the cosmos. Imagine these fibers connecting you to all the planets and stars.

· As you inhale, breathe in the energy of the cosmos, bringing it down through the fibers, into your heart. Let the energy fill you with the radiant light of the cosmos. Feel it course throughout your entire body.

· Now, breathe in both streams of energy, up from the earth and down from the cosmos at the same time. Allow these two energies to merge in the heart and radiate through the rest of your body. Keep breathing in the energy, Up from the earth, Down from the cosmos. You are now anchored securely between the earth and the cosmos.

· When you are ready, become aware of your body in this space. Feel the chair beneath you. Feel your body. Listen to the sounds around you. Slowly open your eyes.

From: Ask Your Angels by Daniel, Wyllie & Ramer


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