Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What one person can do.

Ever have that one point in your life where you can look back and see how everything changed from there?

That happened to me a few months ago in Chinatown NYC. 

I went there for a day with my boyfriend, one of my best friends, and her boyfriend. We have a name for the four of us. We call our group, The Trio. 
So this lil chick walks up my best friend, who happens to be wearing a mudkip hat and say "do u liek mudkipz?". And of course she responds "yesh I liek mudkipz". Fans of 4chan and internet memes will understand.
So this odd little lady says to us that her and her friend who's with her are looking for friends and asked if we could all hang out. 
So as we made our journey across Manhattan we spoke of mudkipz, zombies, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and all manner of other awesomesauce things. 

Now I no longer remember how we got on the subject of the spiritual and paranormal. I think it was because she noticed my new tarot cards, which by the way, I was incredibly proud of. 
I have a deviant moon deck. 

Anyway, that day she shared with me tons of FASCINATED experiences with which she absolutely enraptured and ensnared my attention, like Justin Bieber to a 12 year old girl with no musical taste. I kept in contact with her and she told me things like 
  • She was an indigo child as discovered when she went to a psychic. The psychic could see aura's. The moment she saw her the psychic told her to "go downstairs where there's a book on Indigo Children". 
  • I am an indigo child too.
  • The aura has many layer which can change, however the layer at the core, closest to your physical body never changes. It is with you from birth until death. For the "indigo children", the color of this core layer is... guess. Did you guess it? Ding ding ding! Indigo!
  •  She noted that my aura and my boyfriend's aura's were really compatible. They were different but still somehow worked really well with each other. I've had many, not so psychic people tell me that we seem to be on the same wavelength and are extremely in sync. <3
  • She could astral project at will and would teach me (although sadly she never did.) Meaning that she could project a small part of her soul out of her body to travel on the astral plane, the realm parallel to ours. Like a shaman. In shamanism, the soul can leave the body any time it wants and often does in the midst of traumatic or painful experiences in order to protect itself. This is okay, as long as TOO much of the soul doesn't leave. On the astral plane, there is no time or space so you can literally go WHEREVER you want. She had even traveled to other realms. She explained that her soul was split and that the other half of her soul in fact inhabited another body on another realm. According to her, other realms don't necessarily even have the same laws of physics as ours. If you visit another one of these realms, you will be like a ghost there. She stated that in her other body, in this other world, she felt more at home than here.
  • She could see and read auras from her astrally projected state. If she wanted, she could instantly tell a strangers entire personalities.
  • According to her, angels and demons are order and chaos respectively, as opposed to strictly good and evil. Humans have the capacity to choose either. 
  • Her body is nice and roomy since part of her soul is split I suppose. So she shares it with a demon. She says that they are both being punished. The demon had been banished for choosing order over chaos.
  • People have elements within in them that affect their personality. I later learned that these elements are based on your astrological chart, and where all of the planets were at the moment of your birth. 
Is your head exploding yet? Has your brain short circuited and spontaneously combusted into a fiery inferno while your mind spits at all, trying to put out the fire by saying its all ridiculous nonsense? Give it a minute. Let that all sink in. Let it digest. 

The thing of it is, this girl was a perfectly normal twenty something year old who like zombies movies and pokemon. 

And so something re-awoke within me. Something that had been itching for a while. I turned off or hid away when I was a child out of fear. Yet I had always been fascinated with the paranormal. Captivated by what lies on the other side. 

I've also recently realized that my immense attraction to anything that sparkles, shines, or shimmers isn't just me being a spazz, but helps to urge on my love of and desire to work with crystals. 

When I was a child I would see and hear and feel many many things that were eventually dismissed as imaginary friends. Sometimes I was afraid of them. Because I didn't know what they were, and there certainly wasn't anyone around to explain it to me. I didn't know how to ask my spirit guides for help and protection, or even that they existed. So when I saw something scary, I chose to stop seeing. When I had a bad dream, I chose to stop dreaming. 

Until this something that was locked away refused to be bound any longer.